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We turn millions of fans into millions of customers

Peanuts was our first brand licence back in 1991. Nowadays, at UNITED LABELS, we have signed up over 30 brands with some 150 characters – from comic-book stars and the heroes of children’s bedrooms through to rock stars and the brands of Generation YouTube, Instagram et al. And more are being added all the time.

We bring them to life in hand-picked worlds of merchandise: on clothing, soft toys, stationery, bags, gifts and accessories for the bathroom or home. UNITED LABELS is thus one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of branded products. We sell over 40 million items a year via our partners from the media and entertainment industry.

This includes bricks-and-mortar stores and e-commerce as well as merchandise associated with influencers, bloggers, YouTube stars, concerts, tours and events. Thanks to them, fans young and old alike can get just what they love delivered to their own front door: their heroes.


Enjoy more rights with us

Whether it’s Peanuts, Batman or Spotlight: our name UNITED LABELS says it all. On your behalf, we secure the rights to many famous brands loved by millions of fans all over the world. As a brand specialist, we thus play a key role as the interface between rights holders and retailers and manage the stars’ presence in their fans’ everyday lives – from their breakfast bowls to their pyjamas.
You can find our current brand portfolio here.


How we put stars centre stage

We make sure that the stars are always out: on T-shirts, mugs, bags, the lot. We have our own department that designs one-off items all the way through to entire collections. We create new items and match labels to products. We do all this so that the stars get the stage they deserve – and retailers get a product that will win a great many fans.
Find out here how that happens in practice.

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From developing an idea through to delivering the finished product

Need a back-to-school collection? Looking for merchandise for your YouTube channel? Want to sell a clothing range emblazoned with superheroes in your online shop? Then talk to us – we’ll create your solutions with branded products. Taking care of trademark evaluation, design, product purchasing and logistics, we’ll manage the whole process for you, from the original idea to the store shelves or right to fans’ front doors.
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With UNITED LABELS, you’re in safe hands

We select all our products carefully and put them through our multi-stage quality assurance process. To this end, we work with well-known testing bodies. We also have our own staff responsible for monitoring the quality of our products. You can find out here exactly what tests we run and what level of quality we expect.

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