Thanks to its many years of experience with comic-branded products, UNITEDLABELS is able to offer you a variety of services.


Development & Design


UNITEDLABELS has been operating in the entertainment market for more than 30 years and is therefore familiar with all the steps in the entire development process (sampling, examination of concepts, process of licence check and much more).

The textile collections and product lines are created individually for the respective customer who therefore receives their own range.

If needed, the following collections correspond to the previous or will be adapted to it. Thanks to the in-house design-department UNITEDLABELS is able to act more flexibly, faster and more efficiently and can adapt to trade partner’s wishes individually.



„Textile trust“– this is the motto of the international „Oeko-Tex®-Institute“, which, by testing for harmful substances, ensures flawless sanitary textile products of all sorts – also at UNITEDLABELS. But there’s more than that! In the Asian countries of production, “pollutant-testings” are run according to German and European standards with renowned institutes such as „Bureau Veritas“, „SGS“, „Intertek“, „TÜV“, and many more. In addition there are “physical testings” according to “UNITEDLABELS-Quality Assurance” or according to customer’s specifications.


Additional tests by the “Inhouse-washing tests” during the production phase are simple, but yet informative.

Quality assurance of the production is performed by “SGS” and “Asia Inspection” with “Initial-, During- and Pre-Shipment-Checks”. When the goods are delivered in Germany, they have to undergo not only one Incoming-Quality-Control: Several more “Inhouse-Washtests”, “pollutant-tests” and “physical testings” on a random basis, performed by the Institute „Bureau Veritas” or “Hohenstein, round up the elaborate test procedure.

To meet the consumer’s demands, one needs chemical additives for the production. With the numerous tests, UNITEDLABELS makes sure, that they do not have negative influence on health.




UNITEDLABELS works together with prestigious and examined factories in Asia and is on-site regularly for negotiations and agreements. This way, UNITEDLABELS is able to find the right product for you, in the right quality and for the right price.



Deliveries on time are a priority!


UNITEDLABELS manages the whole logistics chain for you, from the factory to the warehouse. Each step is accompanied by specialists, who make sure that your desired products arrive at the desired time.