Rapunzel lets down her hair

This winter will be hairy: In “Rapunzel – Tangled”, the blonde princess with the unusual long hair will be the star of Disney’s 50th animated movie. But the classic story about “Rapunzel” is re-interpreted. The 17-year-old for example has no idea that she is of noble origin and the inhabitant of the tower definitely does not want to be rescued.

 Not a good timing for the handsome adventurer, who, even though he is not riding on a white horse, is set on releasing the pretty blonde out of her “misery”. Together they embark on an adventurous journey, in which the secret of Rapunzel’s long hair is finally discovered. Rapunzel is stepping into the footsteps of  “Cinderella”, “Sleeping Beauty” and many more classics and is the ideal leading actress for the humorous anniversary film. Of course Rapunzel is not only at home in her tower, but also at United Labels, enriching the magical license portfolio.

United Labels and Rapunzel – (not) a hairy matter.