Annual General Meeting of United Labels AG: Albert Hirsch appointed as a new member of the Management Board

Münster, 8 May 2012 - The focus of the 12th Annual General Meeting of United Labels AG, held on Tuesday at Halle Münsterland, was on the company's new "NextGen" strategy. Addressing more than 500 shareholders, Peter Boder, CEO of United Labels AG, unveiled the company's newly developed E-Commerce operations and welcomed a new executive to the team: Albert Hirsch, general manager of the United Labels subsidiary Elfen Service GmbH, is now also a member of the Management Board of United Labels AG.


"The e-commerce platform currently under development will play a pivotal role in our overall business model. Acknowledging the strong emphasis on these operations, we have appointed Albert Hirsch as the new member of the Management Board responsible for this area," said Peter Boder. Until September 2011, he held the role of spokesperson of the Management Board of internetstores AG in Münster.


When discussing the company's outlook at the AGM, Peter Boder presented to shareholders not only the structure of Elfen Service GmbH but also the other supporting pillars of the new Next Generation strategy. In addition to strengthening its profitability, one of the key objectives of United Labels AG is to expand at an international level and capture market share in the regions covered. In this context, the focus within the existing areas of business will be on France, the Benelux countries and eastern Europe.

Addressing the company's shareholders, Peter Boder also looked back on the financial year just ended. Group sales generated by United Labels rose to €59.6 million in 2011 (prev. year: €58.7 million). Consolidated profit for the year stood at €0.5 million, which corresponds to earnings of €0.13 per share. As in the previous year, growth was again driven by the Key Account segment. In this segment, sales revenue increased by 9 per cent to €44.2 million (prev. year: €40.6 million). New textile and clothing collections featuring the licences "Cars 2", "The Smurfs" and "The Simpsons" provided the main impetus for revenue growth over the course of the 2011 financial year.

In 2012, the main focus will be on merchandise within the textile and giftware category, with an emphasis on the "Filly", "Spiderman" and "Hello Kitty" licences. The highly successful "Hello Kitty" is the most recent addition to the portfolio marketed by United Labels AG, which now includes around 100 different licences.


About United Labels AG

United Labels AG is one of Europe’s leading specialists for comicware sold under licence. The licensing partners working in cooperation with the independent media company based in Münster/Germany include global players from the world of media and entertainment, such as Disney and 20th Century Fox. United Labels is able to reach all age groups within the European market of licensed products, drawing on its successful portfolio of well-established classics, such as Mickey Mouse, Snoopy and Looney Tunes, as well as popular stars like The Simpsons and SpongeBob SquarePants. The company has established a comprehensive European sales network for comicware, distributing over 4,500 products through more than 52,000 outlets operated by various retail partners. United Labels is represented in Germany, Belgium, France, the UK, Italy, Spain, Poland and Hong Kong.


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